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" Due to my divorce my credit history was hit hard and Kurt was able to assist me and get me over the line"

Tanya K

"I had been refused elsewhere and they were very helpful and happy to help me get the loan I needed"

Alissa H

"They’ve given me a chance when no one else can. I could never thank them enough. "

Lhara O

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*Repayment calculator is provided as a guide only. Interest rates, terms and fees can vary dependent on your situation and requirements and objectives. Contact us directly for a more accurate indicative quotation. Total amount payable on the repayment example above: $. Comparison rate is based on a $30,000 loan over 5 years. Different amounts and different loan lengths will mean a different comparison rate.

What is a Bad Credit Car Loan?

A Bad Credit Car Loan is different from a normal car loan because we look at your situation and what has lead to you having the bad credit.

This process allows us to build a case to lenders on why they should give you a second chance. If your situation that lead to your credit issues was temporary, such as a bout of sickness, or a one off such as divorce, then we document this and present it to lenders in such a way that they understand why you might have fallen behind.

How It Works

Get Your Bad Credit Car Loan Preapproval

Use out online application system to apply online for your bad credit car loan in under 3 minutes.

The application form will ask you questions like what type of vehicle you are after, where you live and what your income source(s) is.

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What Kind of Car are You Looking For?

By letting us know what car you are wanting it allows us to make sure we only use lenders that will finance that asset.

Getting this information upfront allows us to make the best informed decision about where to send your loan application, thereby reducing the impact on your credit file and increasing the chance of approval.

Choose Your New Car

Once you're preapproved for your bad credit car loan, it's time to find a car!

We will help find you cars that suit your lifestyle and budget requirements, but the choice at the end of the day is yours.

In most cases we don't have any restrictions on where you buy a car from. Private sales, imported cars, auction yards and dealers across Australia are possible.

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One Application Accesses over 20 Different Lenders

With just one application, you have over 20 different lenders all competing for your business. This gives us the power to negotiate with lenders to get you a great deal on your next loan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most finance companies don't process applications for customers with bad credit. You'll apply and get a rejection email 30 minutes later.

The biggest difference is the training of our team. Our team are specially trained on how to get the best outcome for customers with bad credit. Our consultants will ask more questions than other companies, because they want to maximise the chance of your loan being approved.

Yes we can organise bad credit car loans for private sale cars.

When you've put through your application just let us know that you are looking to finance a car from a private seller and we can ensure that we only use lenders that will help.

Bad Credit Car Loan interest rates vary anywhere from 12.99% - 29.95%.

The factors that influence what rate you will receive are:

  • The length of time in your job and residence
  • What your bad credit was for (was it for a loan or a telephone bill)
  • When was the bad credit occured
  • Is the bad credit paid, or has some attempt at rectification taken place

Every bad credit application is unique so it's hard for us to estimate what the rate will be without conducting a full assessment. You can click below to get a free loan assessment completed:

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Yes, we can consider applicants on some eligible pensions. They are:

  • Single Parenting Pension
  • Carers Pension
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Aged Pension

Please note we can not consider applicants solely receiving Newstart, Job Seeker or Youth Allowance

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