Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Responsive Lending - Responsive Lending

FAQ: Coronavirus (Covid-19), Responsive Lending and the changes in Car Loans

During this period of uncertainty, Responsive Lending will be remaining open to help customers with their car and personal loan enquiries.

Q: Are you still open during the Coronavirus isolation period?

A: Yes, we will be remaining open during the period of social isolation. Our team have been set up to work from home and are committed to providing the same high level of customer service our customers have become accustomed to.

Q: How can I talk to you during the isolation period?

A: You can contact us via the following:

Our landline will be diverted to Greg’s mobile.


Mobile Number

Greg Smith

0431 977 508

Kurt Smith

0412 634 109

Brock Crowle

0478 557 671

Michael Moras

0434 266 985

Matthew Brook

0423 691 277

Amanda Assouni

0402 728 500

Nick Hotchin

0423 696 613

Daniel Assouni

0401 331 235

Q: Has lending criteria been affected by the events surrounding the Coronavirus epidemic?

A: Yes in some cases. Please see table below for changes as of 6/4. We will continue to monitor and take advice from lenders as it comes to pass.

Casual Employees

Casual employees require 6 months of employment history at the same employer to be considered. Minimum income requirements (average $600 per week) is unchanged.

Centrelink / Pension Customers

Applicants on the following pensions can be considered for loans up to $10,000:

-Single Parenting Pension

-Aged Pension

-Vet affairs payments

-Disability Support Pension

-Carers Pension

Note that we cannot accept applicants whose sole income is from Newstart, Job Seeker or Youth Allowance.

Credit Impaired / Bad Credit Applications

At this stage there are no macro changes to credit impaired car loans. Each application will be assessed individually as per normal process.

Employment Verification

Many lenders are now conducting verbal employment confirmation prior to settlement.  In some circumstances lenders are also asking employees for confirmation of ongoing employment.

Current Liability Conduct

Recent missed payments and dishonours evident on bank statements are still treated critically.

Job Seeker Payments

Applicants solely receiving job seeker payments will not be considered.

Q: How are you supplying cars?

A: Currently car dealerships are still allowed to operate in all states. If this changes, we will adjust this accordingly.

Our select car dealerships are taking extra steps to try and minimise the impact by offering remote test drives and increasing sanitary standards.

We do note that some car dealerships have opted to shut during this period and we respect their wishes to do so. In these situations we will help you find a similar specified car.

Q: Does your process involve any person to person contact?

A: We are very fortunate to be able to conduct the entire finance process completely online. We can conduct client interviews over the phone or video chat and organise for the signing of paperwork via electronic signature platforms. During this period we will not be conducting any face to face signing and therefore we ask that all applicants are comfortable to complete our process online.