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*Repayment calculator is provided as a guide only. Interest rates, terms and fees can vary dependent on your situation and requirements and objectives. Contact us directly for a more accurate indicative quotation. Total amount payable on the repayment example above: $. Comparison rate is based on a $30,000 loan over 5 years. Different amounts and different loan lengths will mean a different comparison rate.

Loans for Japanese and American Imported Cars

Whether your after JDM rockets or American Muscle, Responsive Lending makes it easy.

Because when you apply with Responsive Lending, we match personal loans options that are best suited for your situation. This way you get the cash paid straight into your bank account so you can find yourself the perfect car either direct from overseas.

How It Works

Get Your Imported Car Loan Preapproval

Use our online application system to apply online for your imported car loan in under 3 minutes.

The application form will ask you questions like what type of vehicle you are after, where you live and what your income source(s) is.

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What Kind of Car are You Looking For?

By letting us know what car you are wanting it allows us to make sure we only use lenders that will finance that asset.

Getting this information upfront allows us to make the best informed decision about where to send your loan application, thereby reducing the impact on your credit file and increasing the chance of approval.

Choose Your New Car

Once you're preapproved, it's time to find a car!

With an imported car loan, in most cases the cash is paid diretly to you. This way you can negotiate directly with import agents to find yourself the best car.

If you change your mind at this point, that's fine! You can use the funds to purchase any other class of car.

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One Application Accesses over 20 Different Lenders

With just one application, you have over 20 different lenders all competing for your business. This gives us the power to negotiate with lenders to get you a great deal on your next imported car loan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a finance broker we put a large volume of applications to lenders. Because of this, lenders offer our group wholesale interest rates. It's like shopping at costco, but without the need to buy 400 packets of pasta.

We also get the benefit of being completely independent from the finance companies. This allows us to shop around from multiple lenders to get the best deal. Lenders often fluctuate their interest rates based on the amount of capital that they have available to lend, so in this respect we can often negotiate great deals with cashed up lenders.

Yes we can organise car loans for private sale cars.

When you've put through your application just let us know that you are looking to finance a car from a private seller and we can ensure that we only use lenders that will help.

Unfortunately we cannot help applicants with bad credit with loans for cars which haven't already reached Australia.

However, we can consider your application if you have bad credit and are looking to purchase a car which is already here. We even can help you find a dealer that specialises in Japanese or American cars that will help sell you a pre-complied fully Australian registered car.

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Yes, we can organise loans for imported cars!

Once you apply, let your consultant know that you are looking to finance an imported vehicle. This way we can ensure that your application is only put to lenders who specialise in loans for imported cars.

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