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Bad Credit Car Loan Interest Rates

Q: What interest rates can I expect from a bad credit car loan?

One of the most common questions we get asked as a company is "with my bad credit, what is the interest rate on a loan going to be" ? In this guide I'll have a crack at answering that question!

If you're wondering if you have any bad credit, you can request a copy of your credit file from Equifax. Provided you meet their criteria, you can get a copy of your credit report for free every 12 months.  

What factors influence the interest rate?

As a finance broker, our job is to shop around for the best outcome for your situation. Part of this process is looking at your credit profile and choosing an appropriate lender. 

"Bad credit car loan interest rates start at 10% and can go right up to 29.95% depending on which lender we can use."

The things that influence the rates for bad credit car loans are:

  • Credit History (are there any defaults, previous judgement, bankruptcy)
  • Employment history 
  • Rectification of bad credit (history of payment arrangements)
  • Asset & liability ratio 

What is the range of interest rates?

Bad credit car loan interest rates start at 10% and can go right up to 29.95% depending on which lender we can use. 

How can I get a better rate?

There's a couple of things that you can do to help us negotiate a better rate with our lenders. These include: 

  • Paying off any unpaid defaults or judgements
  • If you're discharged bankrupt, waiting 12 months post discharge can get you in the door with better options
  • Making sure that you're banking conduct is what bad credit lenders look for. Check out our guide here for extra details

Can you tell me the rate before I apply?

Unfortunately, the diversity of interest rates for bad credit loans on offer mean that we need to conduct an assessment before we can estimate the rate. As part of our process we will give you an indicative quote based on our findings after we conduct our initial assessment. 

While this initial assessment is not always accurate, it will at least provide you with a guide. 

Please note: Responsive Lending will not charge you if you choose to withdraw after receiving the initial quote. 

When you're ready to apply, please follow this link to check out our Bad Credit Car Loan page