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Why do Bad Credit Lenders ask for Bank Statements?

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Q. Why Do Bad Credit Lenders Need My Bank Statements? 

A. Bad credit lenders request to see bank statements for bad credit loans as they use the conduct of the statements as an tool to analyse the loan. 

Q. What Do They Look For?

A. It can depend from lender to lender, but what they usually look for is:

  • Are there any undisclosed loans?
  • Does your income match what is put in the application?
  • Is there any overdrawing on the account?
  • Are there any dishonours to other finance companies or obligations?
  • Is there any cash left at the end of the week? 

Q. How Can I Send My Statements Through?

A. Responsive Lending partners with Proviso for the fast and secure bank statement submission. If you have applied for a loan through us recently, you will have received an email from us with a personalised link to send these through. 

Q. Are There Any Other Options?

A. Yes, if you don't feel comfortable using our online system, you can send through your bank statements as a PDF to your loans officer.